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Lennox Point is one of the most demanding and exciting social infrastructure projects in the UK, and Portsmouth City Council is looking for partners to engage in all stages of the development process.

We will procure a range of goods, works and services across the entire programme and thousands of business opportunities will be generated. Opportunities will be:

  • Created across many business sectors, requiring a wide range of capabilities;
  • Suitable for suppliers of all sizes; and
  • Generated over a number of years.

This page aims to provide companies with the basic information needed to prepare for and identify opportunities with Lennox Point.

Businesses of all sizes can now also register their interest in the project on the Lennox Point e-brokerage tool. Once registered, you’ll receive updates on contract opportunities as they emerge and have the chance to connect with others in the supply chain.

Packaging strategy



Portsmouth City Council plan to engage the market and gain feedback to inform our proposed approach to procurement for the major categories of spend across the programme. To help understand how this could work, we have adopted a packaging strategy looking at each of the critical elements.

In addition to these categories, we will have various requirements for the day-to-day management and running of the programme.


6. Alive and Kicking

Box Park
Business incubator

5. Open Spaces

Planting and soft landscapes
Green spaces
Street furniture
Coast edge dressing
Play areas
Hard landscaping

4. People's Places

Commercial property
Housing (private, key worker, affordable)
Marine employment facilities
Social community buildings
School provisions

3. The Platform

Bridges and civil structures
Access roads and highways
Podium works and MSCP
Jetties and landings

2. Pipes and Wires

Sewage works
Electrical power
Water works
Offsite utility reinforcements

1. Ground Breaking

Remediation and demolition
Coastal works
Flood defence works
Off-site highway works

Priority themes

Portsmouth City Council has identified a set of priority themes which set out what’s important to us and how we will deliver value.

These set a benchmark against which we will continuously monitor our achievements, so that we can demonstrate to the people of Portsmouth how we have delivered on our promises.

Our priority themes and critical success factors are:


A good neighbour; legacy; best practice client


Employment; skills, labour needs and training

Infrastructure and place

Asset optimisation; design excellence

Thriving and competitive environment

Supply market aware; stimulating trade

Ideas and innovation

Adapting to deliver efficiency; technology solutions

Environmentally responsible

Support circular economy; deliver environmental net gain

Investor & Developer and Supplier Guides



Our Investor & Developer, and Supplier Guides have been developed to help organisations find out more about the Lennox Point programme.

They highlight what is important to us, how we’ll be engaging with businesses in the coming weeks, months and years, and how you can get involved with one of the largest regeneration programmes planned for the UK.

Download the Lennox Point Investor Guide

Download the Lennox Point Supplier Guide

If you have any questions or comments to share with us please email our supply chain team at