Tipner West is now Lennox Point


Author: Megan

Category: Community

Working with city residents, Tipner West has been renamed as Lennox Point.

Residents in focus groups chose to name the site after Charles Lennox, Master General of the Board of Ordnance, who was responsible for the fortification and protection of the south coast. He pioneered the earliest version of the Ordnance Survey and was nicknamed The Radical Duke for his progressive views on American independence. On the site are two gunpowder magazines from 1796, built at a safe distance from the town. Their creation was due to Lennox.

The planned marine employment hub, which will form part of Lennox Point, has also been named. This will be called Phoenix Quay, after HMS Phoenix, the Royal Navy’s firefighting and damage repair training establishment, based at Tipner between 1946 and 1993.