The Proposals


It is our vision to produce high-quality marine employment and an extraordinary development of residential neighbourhoods at Lennox Point.

We want to create a unique and sustainable community that is also an iconic and captivating gateway into the city.

The marine employment hub will be recognised as a national beacon within the industry and the residential development will be regarded as a highly desirable place to live.

The Masterplan

Using our five design principles, our team of architects, marine experts, transport planners, regeneration managers, structural engineers and ecologistsĀ are currently developing a masterplan which will detail our ambitions for Lennox Point.

The plan will focus on the following areas:

  1. Marine employment
    To address the decline in shipbuilding and reinforce Portsmouth’s place in the heart of the Solent maritime, generating over 2,000 new jobs at Lennox Point.
  2. Eco-friendly environment
    To create a net zero carbon neighbourhood, offering a sustainable lifestyle for residents and businesses at Lennox Point.
  3. Homes
    To provide 3,500 eco-friendly homes, all located in walkable neighbourhoods, in a car-free environment, and within the nature and beauty of the harbour.
  4. Transport
    To prioritise sustainable transport such as walking, cycling and public transport, while ensuring Lennox Point remains connected with the rest of Portsmouth and beyond.

As we’re developing the masterplan, we’re keen to hear your views on how Lennox Point will be developed; what type of jobs and homes you’d like to see on the site, our proposal for a car-free environment; the focus on sustainable transport; and our ambition to create a well-connected and contemporary community.

In 2020, we held a series of roadshow events across the city to engage with residents and businesses about Lennox Point. Many of their questions have been compiled in our FAQs, and their comments taken into account as we develop our masterplan.

Next steps

In 2020, Cabinet Members at Portsmouth City Council approved work that needs to be undertaken in order for Lennox Point to submit a planning application to the council, which is expected to be submitted in 2022.

Prior to this, there will be multiple opportunities for public engagement with the proposals for Lennox Point, both as part of the wider city-wide Local Plan consultation and on the Lennox Point masterplan. At each stage, the plans will be adapted in line with public consultation, to ensure we are proposing the best development possible.


Spring 2020
City-wide public roadshows
Autumn 2020
Naming consultation with focus groups
October 2020
Cabinet approval to proceed
Summer 2021
Public consultation through the city-wide Local Plan*
Autumn 2021
Public consultation on the masterplan
Spring 2022
Public exhibition of masterplan
Summer 2022
Submission of planning applications
Autumn 2023
Public inquiry of planning applications
Summer 2024
Start on site (subject to planning approval)

*We had initially estimated that the next phase of public consultation would begin in early 2021 however due to the impact of the pandemic, we now expect this to happen later in the year.