Students help to develop proposals for zero waste


Author: Megan

Category: Environment and Sustainability

120 students at UTC Portsmouth are working with members of the project team to develop a zero waste community at Lennox Point.

Over the next six weeks, students will be working in groups to discuss innovative solutions to discourage waste. They must consider the needs of individuals living and working at Lennox Point, including:

  • How people will travel to, from and around the site
  • What people might be buying and how the waste stream might be reduced
  • Food waste and how waste can be reused within the community
  • Plastic management culture
  • Building and development of the site

Students will present their ideas to the project team alongside a Google slides presentation and written report. The project team includes staff from Portsmouth City Council, Savills, WSP, Hoare Lea, Faithful + Gould, Gardiner & Theobold and Marina Projects Limited.

We can’t wait to see the ideas and solutions presented by the students – come back to the website for an overview of their work in the coming weeks.