Students explore how robotics can support car-free proposal


Author: Megan

Category: Engineering and Transport

Year 13 students at UTC Portsmouth will be exploring how robotics can support innovative travel solutions and connectivity at Lennox Point, as part of their course from September.

This could be transporting people or items, looking at driverless or autonomous vehicles, or a completely new concept developed by the students.

It’s being delivered in partnership between the Lennox Point project team and UTC Portsmouth and will encourage groups of students to work together to:

  • Identify opportunities for use of robotics and innovative modes of transport and connectivity
  • Develop the concept of a robot, to be used for a specific purpose
  • Build a prototype of the robot

As part of their research, students will be taking part in public events with the Lennox Point team during the autumn term, to talk with residents about how robotics might be used on the site and to collect data about local residents’ needs for transport and connectivity.

We’re expecting to see concept ideas of the robotics in December and can’t wait to see the students’ ideas of how technology can support our ambitions of a car-free environment at Lennox Point.

Come back to the website in the coming months to see how they get on!