Aerial image of Tipner West

Project update October 2021


Author: Megan

Category: Programme Update

On 13 October, members of Portsmouth City Council passed a motion to pause and rethink the Tipner West project to ensure value for money is achieved, the environment is protected, and the maximum levels of affordable housing are delivered. A status report on Tipner West will be compiled by the council’s strategic developments team for December’s full council meeting. The project pause will enable councillors to explore and reflect on the current position and the way forward.

The status report for councillors will be presented in December and will set out:

  • the opportunities and constraints of Tipner West in the context of the jobs and housing Portsmouth’s Local Plan needs to account for, as well as the issues the site presents in terms of pollution and flood risk.
  • the agreement the council entered for the City Deal in 2013, when Portsmouth received a £50m government grant to unlock the Tipner West / Horsea Island East site to create new jobs and homes.
  • how the Lennox Point project team has sought to present a viable way forward for this difficult and highly complex site.
  • the detailed research, surveys, environmental investigations, and consultation with residents, the marine and maritime sector, investors, and developers that the project team has undertaken and led to the council’s decision to progress a planning application for Lennox Point in 2022.
  • the assessments that will need to be made by independent inspectors on issues like reclamation, wildlife and habitat impact, mitigation and compensatory measures.
  • the alternative options for Tipner West that have been explored and evaluated to date by the project team.

Exploring alternative options for Tipner West

The Local Planning Authority’s Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation is asking people in Portsmouth to review three alternatives for Tipner West:

  • Option 1: Innovative sustainable community (Lennox Point)
  • Option 2: Regeneration of existing area
  • Option 3: Maintain (no strategic scale development at Tipner West)

You can read and give feedback on the three options for Tipner West that are currently under consultation in Portsmouth’s draft Local Plan.

The project team has supported the Local Planning Authority in assessing the viability of these options as well as four further alternatives – looking at the opportunities each one presents when it comes to bringing new jobs and investment into Portsmouth, new homes, as well as the viability, the potential environmental impact and its mitigation. All this information is being made available to the Local Planning Authority to be considered in response to its Local Plan consultation. Other options may also come forward through the Local Plan consultation process.

Next steps

The project team is looking forward to sharing its report with members in December, answering councillors’ questions about the opportunities and constraints of Tipner West, how the Lennox Point proposals seek to maximise the opportunities for Portsmouth, and how the team can address their concerns and ambitions.

If you have any questions about the project, the decision taken by councillors and the report, you can contact the project team at We will provide a further update on next steps for the project as soon as possible.