Marine Ground Investigation works begin at Lennox Point


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Category: Engineering and Transport

From Saturday 13 March, you may notice some activity in Tipner Lake, the waters near Tipner West and on the newly named Lennox Point site. This is part of our Marine Ground Investigation works to investigate the sea bed soil and level of contamination near the site. The full programme of works will take around 12-14 weeks, until July 2021.

What you might see:

  • From 13 March – drones flying above the site and a boat in the waters
  • From 1 April – a jack up rig and tow boat
  • Throughout – officers in high-visibility PPE on the site and on the boats

What the work will help us to do:

  • The drone and boat will identify any obstructions or hazards on the sea bed
  • From the jack up rig, a hole will be drilled into the sea bed to recover soil samples and rock cores – this will help us to assess the level of contamination near the site. There are 39 locations for the rig to mobilise and holes to be drilled.

If you have any questions about the work, please contact:

Andy Indoe, Associate Director (Civil Bridge and Ground) at WSP
01483 528 373
07966 895 082