Presentation at the Lennox Point industry day

Lennox Point Industry Day invites businesses to get involved


Author: Ellie


Businesses of all sizes from across Portsmouth and beyond joined the Lennox Point team for an industry day event on Thursday 23 September. For those who attended the event, in person and through the live stream, it was an opportunity to find out more about the Lennox Point masterplan, hear the latest project updates and ask questions about how this ambitious project will take shape.

The industry day provided a chance to understand how businesses will be able to get involved at all stages of the supply chain within this ambitious £1bn+ project to create a new neighbourhood and marine employment hub for Portsmouth.

Future suppliers were also able to sign up there and then to the newly launched Lennox Point e-brokerage system. This tool allows businesses the chance to register their interest and will alert them to relevant contract opportunities linked to the project. Companies can also use the e-brokerage site to build their own connections with other organisations in the Lennox Point supply chain.

Since the project’s last major update to the market in 2019, the Lennox Point scheme has made big strides forward and is on track to submit a planning application to the local planning authority in 2022.

Now is the time for serious conversations to begin with investors, developers and businesses at all levels of the supply chain who want to find out more about the opportunities Lennox Point affords and help shape the future of the project. The industry day marked the start of many such conversations with businesses asking important questions about how suppliers will be assessed, the net carbon zero and biodiversity ambitions for the project, as well as the timescales and next steps for Lennox Point,.

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To register your  interest in the Lennox Point project visit By registering your business, you’ll receive updates on contract opportunities as they emerge and have the chance to connect with others in the supply chain.