The journey so far

Lennox Point is being spearheaded by Portsmouth City Council as part of the city’s regeneration strategy, and is one of the largest regeneration programmes planned for the UK.

It has grown in presence and scale over the years, developing from the initial concepts referred to as Tipner West in 2013, to the exciting new masterplan now known as Lennox Point.

As well as our timeline below, we have an exciting document which outlines our story so far. If you’d like to see this, please email and we’ll send you the document.


Portsmouth City Council is allocated 31.5 hectares of land at Tipner West and Horsea Island East, and circa £50million funding to deliver aspirations set out in the City Deal


A team of experts is appointed, and initial environmental and technical survey work begins


Stakeholders including Natural England, Environment Agency and DEFRA are engaged and an option to explore land reclamation is proposed


Portsmouth City Council approves option to proceed with land reclamation and a masterplan is developed for a 51 hectare development. In October, the council approves the decision to proceed to submission of a planning application (estimated 2022)


Following public consultation, Tipner West is rebranded as Lennox Point — named after Charles Lennox, Master General of the Board of Ordnance

Since its inception, key milestones reached include:

  • — Securing £50 million of City Deal Funding
  • — Acquisition of the majority of the site for development, primarily from the Ministry of Defence
  • — Formalisation of the site development area of 51 hectares  delivering the maximum amount of GDV for the investment
  • — Approval of the Strategic Outline Business Case by Portsmouth City Council Members
  • — Approval to proceed to the preparation and submission of a hybrid planning application and Transport Works Order application